Brand Design: Get the Most Out of the Design Process.
5:00 pm17:00

Brand Design: Get the Most Out of the Design Process.

  • Lunds & Byerlys Ridgedale

Brand Design: Get the Most Out of the Design Process and Bring Your Brand to Life

A strong brand design is essential for a successful business, and many brands go through several iterations before finding the perfect one. We have partnered with Ultra Creative, Capsule and Lunds&Byerlys to develop an interactive workshop to help entrepreneurs bring their vision to life and get the most out of working with a designer/agency. Our speakers will share best practices on how to articulate your brand to designers so you get what you want as well as share industry trends and case studies.

After the presentation, designers from Ultra, Capsule as well as the private label team from Lunds&Byerlys will give groups of entrepreneurs tours based on your category. If you are a food product entrepreneur, bring your product and get some fresh perspective.

 This workshop will be led by Sharon Gorney, Vice President of Ultra Creative and Kitty Hart from Capsule in partnership with Lunds&Byerlys.

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5:00-5:15: Opening remarks
5:15 - 6:00: Brand design presentation
6:00-7:00: Grocery store tours led by Capsule, Ultra Creative and Lunds&Byerlys experts. 

Refreshments provided Lunds&Byerlys and included with the purchase of your ticket. 

Social Media 2.0: Take Your Brand to the Next Level
5:00 pm17:00

Social Media 2.0: Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Social Media 2.0: Bringing your Brand to Life

Social media is a critical platform to grow an emerging brand, but after you set up your accounts, what's next? How do you develop a real social media strategy and execute across channels? What does it mean to 'build a lifestyle brand?

In this interactive workshop, we put two MN Cup companies in the hot seat as real life examples - using their current social media channels as our case studies. 

Shruti Acharya, Digital Communications Manager and Jen Smith Social Content Designer from General Mills will be our guides as they ask questions, provide feedback and share best practices.

After the event, we will have time for networking and tours of the Lynn Hall's food content filming space.

Tickets are $10 and include food and beverage from the Lynn Hall, the beautiful new space in Uptown.

Purchase your $10.00 tickets here.

Grow North at Taste of the Nation Hotlist Culinary Event
6:00 pm18:00

Grow North at Taste of the Nation Hotlist Culinary Event

  • Nicollet Island Pavillion

Grow North is partnering with No Kid Hungry to host a food entrepreneur sampling section at the Minneapolis Taste of the Nation Hotlist event on June 22. The event itself will include food and drink prepared by the Twin Cities 30+ top chefs and bartenders as a fundraiser to end child hunger in America. Grow North will host Bare Honey, Five Vodka, K'ul Chocolate, Maddy & Maize Popcorn, Mama Stoen's Gluten-Free Treats, Midwest Elderberry Association, Triple Crowne Organic BBQ Sauce, and Velvet Bees Gourmet Honey Butter to sample their product to the event attendee's.  It's going to be a great party, you should definitely come. Get tickets here.

Chefs participating include: 
Gavin Kaysen of Bellecour and Spoon & Stable
Erick Harcey of Upton 43
Jorge Guzman of Surly Brewer's Table
Todd MacDonald of Red Rabbit
JD Fratzke of Strip Club and Bar Brigade