Our mission is to create a dynamic, connected and supportive ecosystem for Minnesota's food and agricultural entrepreneur community.

Our Role

Be a central hub for resources, a mobilizing connector and ecosystem navigator. We drive connections to resources, information, and individuals within our ecosystem of entrepreneurs and organizations so that it all works stronger, smarter, and faster together. We take elements of incubators, accelerators, networking organizations, and ecosystem organization from around the world  to architect a thriving ecosystem.  

What Drives Us

Serving the entrepreneur. We want growth-oriented entrepreneurs to focus on scaling and sustaining their businesses... and not searching for answers or support. We believe that entrepreneurs and innovators play a fundamental and critical role in solving the challenges of our food system and  we want to do everything we can to make their work possible.

Our mantra, "We want entrepreneurs to feel supported and get what they need in fewer clicks and coffees, and focus on what's important - growing their business."  



We work with food and agriculture startups every day, listening and helping them connect to the resources and people they need to solve problems and grow their businesses. 


We develop programs to enable authentic engagement and participation for corporations, institutions and investors to support and gain exposure to our entrepreneur community.


We think of the ecosystem as the organizations that support Minnesota's entrepreneurs as well as the entrepreneurs themselves. We drive collaboration, awareness, and maximize activities. We partner with organizations to build on their efforts as well as fill gaps.