Grow North Resource Library

This library is meant to put fundamental and "101" resources in one place so
you can have more substantive one-on-one conversations.
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Q1. Do I want to start a business? How do I get started?

  1. Check out this guide with some good questions to think through about starting a business.
  2. Still in? Check out the Small Business Association for helpful templates and resources.
  3. There are rules and regulations for starting a food business in Minnesota. Connect with an expert as you execute - but consider this your starting point.
  4. There are many resources to get started in agriculture.

Q2. Okay, I did it. Now I need help scaling my business.

Grow North and others do a lot of events on this topic, but here are a few online resources to check out.

  1. Need a co-packer? Here's a great list from MN Department of Ag co-packer directory.
  2. Find a Farmers Market
  3. Check out the Minnesota Grown Directory
  4. FOOD from FARMS: Toolkit for Direct Purchasing of Local Food
  5. AgriFood Tech Startup Resources Tool

Q3. I need to fund my business to grow.

Big question, with a ton of options.

  1. Think about where you are on the journey.
  2. Small Business Administration Loans Overview financial assistance programs
  3. Minnesota Dept. of Economic Dev. financing programs
  4. MN Dept of Ag Grants Program - funding resources for food, agriculture annd beverage companies of all sizes
  5. An overview of USDA Funding in Local Food Supply Chains
  6. Download Agfunder's Startup Resource Guide for Ag/Food Tech Innovation
  7. Farm and Agriculture Funding Overview from Renewing the Countryside
  8. Check out resources from AgFunder

Q4. I want to stay in the loop on latest industry news and expand my network

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