Resource Overview 

We want entrepreneurs to get information and resources in fewer clicks and coffees so they can work on growing their businesses.  

We wanted to put a few resources up here to start, but we are building a community resource directory and library coming in late January.
Know a good resource? Want to be featured? Send a link or contact our way


Searchable Resource Directory 

We are partnering with Sourcelink to create a Resource Navigator to serve our food and agriculture entrepreneurs. It's an easy-to-use online database that organizes our community's resource programs by business need and size of business. This tool is only as good as our community makes it - send us information on helpful resources or if you would like to be included.


resource  library

We want to make the fundamentals of starting a business easy to find. We will have must read links and articles in our library so instead of 10 clicks to the information, there will be one. Do you send people to the same website? The same page within a database? Share with us.