Cold Climate Greenhouse Resource: The Cold Climate Greenhouse Resource is a guidebook that describes the architecture, materials, and building techniques that growers use to design and build efficient, yet simple, cold climate greenhouses. The "Cold Climate Greenhouse Resource" was released in December 2013. 

Innovations in Regional Food DistributionThis USDA report examines the aggregation, distribution, and marketing of eight diverse food value chains to glean practical lessons about how they operate, the challenges they face, and how they take advantage of emerging opportunities for marketing differentiated food products. A focus on the operational details of food value chains—business networks that rely on coordination between food producers, distributors, and sellers to achieve common financial and social goals—demonstrates how to facilitate moving differentiated products from regional food suppliers and buyers to customers. 

Rowbot: Rowbot is a Minneapolis based startup leading the charge to bring small, robotic solutions to solve the most pressing problems in agriculture. Their solutions aim to deliver higher profitability while improving stewardship.

The Greenbook: The Greenbook is an annual publication of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Energy and Sustainable Agriculture program. The Greenbook contains articles that highlight project results of creative and innovative farmers and researchers involved with the Sustainable Agriculture On-farm Demonstration Grant Program. The Greenbook provides practical and technical information on each grantee's project including personal observations and management tips from the participants.